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Les droits de l'homme font l'objet de plus en plus d'attaques dans le monde entier

Date de publication : 10/12/16
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A l'occasion de la journée mondiale pour les droits de l'homme, le collectif des experts indépendants des Nations unies appelle les gouvernements à défendre les droits de l'homme.

The greatest achievement of the international community since the end of World War II has been the construction of an international human rights system based upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was adopted 68 years ago.

Since that time, enormous strides have been made in establishing universal standards, encouraging the very widespread domestic adoption of those standards, and in effectively defending the rights of groups and individuals who are under threat in their own societies. 

But today, a chill wind is blowing through much of the world and the very notion of human rights is under increasing attack

We call upon governments to recognize that a world which repudiates fundamental human rights values, retreats from established standards, and undermines international human rights institutions, is a world which will be less secure, more vulnerable to devastating conflicts, and utterly incapable of protecting the rights of vast numbers of people who do not happen to look or think like those in power. 

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