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Presentation of the French NHRI

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Lundi 20 Août, 2018

The National Consultative Commission on Human Rights is the French National Institution for Human Rights, established in 1947.

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Regarded as an Independent Administrative Authority (IAA), this State structure has the role of providing the government and Parliament with independent advice and proposals concerning human rights, humanitarian law and activities, and respect for the fundamental guarantees accorded to citizens for the exercise of civil liberties. CNCDH, in accordance with the Paris Principles, is guided by three key principles:


CNCDH’s independence is enshrined in Act No. 2007-292 of 5th March 2007. Legislative drafts and proposals concerning human rights and international humanitarian law are put before or taken up by CNCDH.


CNCDH consists of 64 individuals and representatives from civil society organisations. It reflects the diversity of opinions expressed in France as regards human rights issues and those relating to international humanitarian law.


CNCDH is dedicated to respect for and the implementation of human rights and international humanitarian law in France. It combats the violation of civil liberties and fundamental rights. CNCDH thus occupies a unique position in the French institutional landscape.